Silent Summer Screenings

The Best Open-Air Cinema
and Live Music Experience
the UK has to offer!

Nice to meet you!

We pride ourselves on creating unique, community-driven events
to bring people together and promote the positive use of our
local parks and green spaces.


All of our sound is done through state-of-the-art wireless headphones,
 treating our audience to a unique immersive experience

that will be remembered for years to come!


We give you the opportunity to vote for the movie you want to watch under the stars!
To have your say, find your local event and follow the instructions on how to vote.


Ah, our friend the hippo welcoming you all to a night under the stars!

Time to soak in those summer evenings ?

Everyone is collecting thier headphones, grabbing thier grub and stocking up on tasty snacks and drinks in time for the movie to begin! 

Look! It’s our resident musician Gideon Mention lulling us all into the evening in style!

The screen is up!
That means the movie is about to start ?

And once day ☀️….

…turns into night

…we all settle infront of the movie with not a peep to be heard.
That’s what we like to call a Silent Summer Screening.

Want the full low-down?

Click below for a more information on what to expect from a Silent Summer Screenings experience! 

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